About Us

Cheryl Hart has always been a creative thinker and problem solver. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from University of North Texas, she began her career in sales for a direct marketing company in Dallas but quickly found her niche in the printing industry. In the days before Shutterfly, Cheryl recognized the need for designing and producing customized greeting cards and thus, her first company, Lil’ Sam Press was born.

With comprehensive marketing production experience, it wasn’t long before Cheryl struck out on her own as a print broker. And as the needs of her clients grew, so did her services.

The most successful marketing efforts require a wide range of expertise. It is not always feasible for small or medium-sized businesses to hire a full marketing staff large enough and experienced enough to handle every project and every need.

That’s where Hart Marketing steps in to help. We are adept at assembling the best marketing experts with specialized skills specific to your immediate needs. Whether it’s to support an existing marketing team’s workload or to step in as your virtual ongoing marketing team, your business gains the advantage by partnering with Hart Marketing.

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